Radio Playout

cloud_dj_logoCloud DJ

We’ve been waiting for a robust, well-designed system for radio playout to come along for many years, and now it’s here. Finally a web based radio playout system to rival desktop automation software. Cloud DJ is a simulated live source for audio streaming servers like SHOUTcast.

Keep your Radio Station On Air – Broadcast 24/7 without the need to keep your computer on all the time. Simply upload your music, create a playlist and walk away. It’s that easy! Cloud DJ will connect to absolutely any SHOUTcast server – even if its not hosted on our network!

Cloud DJ (Previously known as Auto DJ) is a web based radio automation and playout system to allow completely automated and unattended remote-control over an online radio station. Upload your media & walk away.

Build playlists like a pro and program your shows with specific tracks, or create playlists that leverage the tagging system to automatically choose music in a specified clockwheel order.

Choose specific playlists to trigger at certain times of a day by creating a regular schedule to give your listeners that professional radio station feel. Automatically schedule content according to your timezone using the easy drag and drop calendar tool!

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